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110/15 kV Resko substation

 110/15 kV Resko substation

Construction of the 110/15 kV Resko/Gryfice substation

Construction of the 110/15 kV Resko/Gryfice substation and development of the 110/15 kV Gryfice substation for connection of the "Resko" Wind Farm. (2011)

  • Investor: Enea - Operator with headquarters in Szczecin
  • Period of realisation: April 2011 - November 2011
  • Scope of work: The order included the performance of construction and installation work associated with the construction of the new 110/15 kV Resko substation and reconstruction of line bays at the Gryfice substation for the needs of the Resko Wind Farm

The contract included comprehensive delivery and installation of the 110 kV switchyard, the building of the MV switchgear along with the control room and auxiliary rooms, secondary circuits and all accompanying infrastructure.
The task was performed based on the building permit design and detailed design documentation we developed in a turnkey system.