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Energy infrastructure with SPIE SAG in Poland.  

Formal and legal arrangements

Our company handles all formal and legal aspects in the investment process related to obtaining all the required decisions, approvals and permits necessary to construct power facilities.

We also acquire the right to use land for construction purposes. We identify the legal status of land – its owners and approved use. We obtain consents of land owners to perform construction works and on behalf of the investor we acquire final rights to use land in the form of a limited right in rem (easement of transmission) signing an agreement in the form of a notary deed. When required, such rights are obtained as a result of court proceedings or in the form of administrative decisions.

Formal and legal regulations and geodesic services

We cooperate with local authorities with respect to modifications to studies of conditions and directions of land zoning as well as modifications to local zoning plans that are required to carry out power projects. On behalf of investors, we take actions aimed at obtaining project environmental decisions, decisions on the location of public investments, decisions on exclusion from agricultural and forestry production, water law permits, building permits and other.

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  • Marek Rzepka
    Formal and legal arrangements
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